Kitchen Fire Safety tips and workplace safety management

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Hello readers,

In this week's article, we are introducing a very informative article on Kitchen Fire Safety. Whether it is home or a hotel or a corporate kitchen, the fire safety is very essential. It is one of the major hazard. Following are the tips for preventing kitchen fire.

Next to Electrical fires due to short circuits / overloading, commercial kitchens, are another major source of fires unless proper fire safety provisions are made. Recent fires
in one of the starred hotel in Karachi - Pakistan and in a reputed Mall-in Eastern India have again proved this.

Once again the outcome of the study conducted & attached herewith emphasis on the following important aspects of commercial kitchen fire safety -

1. SEPARATION: The commercial kitchens must be segregated from other habitable areas by at least 60 minutes fire rated walls/doors.

2. Fire Detection System: The kitchen (Cooking area) as well as non-cooking must be provided with suitable Heat / Multi-criteria / Smoke detectors so that any fire is
detected in its incipient stage. The canceled space viz. space above false ceiling shall also be equipped with detectors.

3. Kitchen hoods and ducts shall not only be cleaned at regular intervals (at least once in a quarter) but also provided with suitable trap doors / access panels for
cleaning and accessible. '

4. The exhaust ducts shall not be of Gl but either of CS or SS. Especially up to the scrubbers.

5. The exhaust duct shall be left above terrace level of the building and shall not pass through any other occupied area. The exhaust duct shall preferably be
independent for each unit kitchen.

6. The exhaust duct for oil fryers and Tandoors using dry fuel like wood/coal shall be independent and not combined.

7. All hoods must be protected by approved automatic fire suppression system using wet chemical or water mist as extinguishing media with facility to
automatically shutting off the fuel supply (gas or electrical powers).

8. lf gas is used as fuel (whether LPG or PNG) suitable gas leakage detectors with auto shut off arrangement must be provided.

9. The exhaust ducts as well as entire kitchen and sitting area including areas above false ceiling to be provided with automatic sprinklers system.

10.Area above false ceiling must not be used for storage of any kind of material.

1 1. Smoke venting system for commercial kitchens shall be. independent of other areas so that any fire in kitchen the deadly smoke should not spread to other
parts of the building.

12. Electrical panels and storage of Liquor shall be avoided in kitchens and if unavoidable-suitable protected and segregated from hot areas.

13.All commercial kitchens must be equipped with emergency lights, exit directional signs and at least two exits which shall be kept always clear of any obstruction'

14.The kitchen staff as well as security staff must be given regular training in use of portable fire extinguishers and fixed fire-fighting systems and regular drills must
be conducted.

15. The fire alarm system as well as fire suppressions system including gas leakage detection system must be integrated with buildings main fire alarm control panel to enable other occupants of the property to be given timely warning for evacuation.

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