A movie for training- Leadership, communication, conflict management

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We,team Reservaa spent a whole week to think, what should be our next article. We wanted to have an article which can help general people, employees, HR professionals, learning and development managers and after long debate and discussion zeroed on the topic, a movie which can seriously engage its audience and must have a good outcome.

The movie in discussion is "12 angry young man".

This movie has different version and you can choose any one.
What is this movie all about
Its about a suspect who is alleged to kill his father. The entire case is based on circumstantial evidence and the judge ask 12 juries to discuss the case and come back with their opinion whether the suspect is a guilty or not guilty. Only condition is, their opinion should be same.  There is no leader, only one person to coordinate. We don't want to reveal the entire plot. Just watch it.

What does it cover?
This movie covers
1. Situational leadership
2. How to handle conflict
3. Assumption and perception
4. How perception can guide us in wrong direction
5. Persuasion
6. Emotional intelligence
7. Group discussion
8. Communication skills
9. Leadership qualities
10. Rational decision making
11. Culture and its impact
12. Human behaviour and why They behave in certain way
13. Bias, ego, stereotype and "I"

This is one of the such rarest movie which has all of these subjects covered.
Duration required: 4 hours

Cost: 0 to go ahead (no cost if you self do it, if monitored by a trainer, depend on the cost of the trainer). Consider cost of electricity, water, tea and stationary :)

How to use this movie?
Select your audience on whom you want to use / impart any of the above or any one of above. It can be your selected employee from the different group, newly promoted managers, managers who lack this skill and you may also use it for employee engagement and employee communication. Bring them in a room, where a good projector or a good 50" and above TV with good sound quality. Do not tell the audience what they need to do. Just ask them to watch the movie.
At the end. Do a group discussion and brain storming based on their observation on above mentioned skill. For set of question according to your need, please write us at
Don't worry, this is complimentary for the limited period of time. If you need a trainer monitored activity for this, is happy to provide this.
For whom it is suitable?
This is suitable for audience of all age group.

Is this movie available in other than english language

Yes, following are the language and the title link:

1957 version

1997 version with few changes

Hindi version

You may also visit for many such free and paid training happening in your city as well as online.

For any assistance, feel free to revert us.

Team reservaa
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