Attention lawyers, CAs, professionals and students- Why you must attend training on increasing reading speed for career success

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We met this fantastic trainer Rupak in a McD store in Chembur and this was a third client meet of (We still have disagreement to call it and few of us think we should just introduce as Reservaa). The meeting lasted for almost 2 hours. 

As committed to our all stakeholders, we always ensure that we are giving the best. That's why we do not decide on any trainer, any coach, any event without meeting them. Rupak has a fascinating personality. Before we could finish a line of our presentation, he used to finish his reading of the entire slide content. Wow! so fast. This convinced us that he is definitely a good trainer to help people reading fast.

Everyday, we need to do lot of reading and sometime, it costs us heavily. We have to appear for exam and due to unfinished reading, we score low. We have to give a proper presentation to management, but we could not as we could not read enough. 

Following people specially need a lot of reading:
1. Doctors
2. Nurses
3. Journalist
4. Researchers
5. Management students
6. Engineering students 
7. Lawyers
8. Other students
9. Competitive exam appearing students such as CSAT, CAT, MAT, CET etc.

After a lot of discussion and meeting, Rupak finally agreed to conduct a training for visitors. This training comes with a nominal cost and definitely an investment worth to make. Whether you are a working professional or a student, it is for you. Unfortunately, we have just 25 seats so hurry up and book your seat at 

Here is the more details about the workshop/ Training on Velocity reading/ increasing your reading speed.

What is Velocity Reading.
It is a technique which can help you to read upto 4 time faster than your current speed. Faster reading means more time, more comprehension and power to you.

How Velocity reading can help you:
·  If you are a professional, it saves time to read important documents.
·  If you are a student, this may help in improving academic performance.
·  If you need to read a lot every day, this may help to save time.

Benefits of the Velocity Reading workshop:
·  Enhanced memory
·  Improved concentration
·  Make reading interesting.
·  Increased reading speed upto 3 times from wherever you are now.
·  Enhanced comprehension of the subject.
·  Creates more opportunities for you
·  Increased logical thinking

What does Velocity Reading cover?
·  Identifying habits which makes you a slow reader.
·  Speed Reading techniques
·  How to use both parts of brain while Reading
·  How to approach any reading material
·  How to read for ideas and not just words.

About the trainer:
Rupak Shah is an avid reader who finishes one book in every two days. He is a budding  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, passionate trainer who has trained and made a difference to reading style of professionals of various backgrounds such as Engineers, Doctors, Chattered Accountants, Trainers, Coaches, Principal, corporate senior executives, Businessman to name few. He has also trained students as young as a 7th grader to qualifiers pursing PhD. He also trains students for competitive exams such as GRE, TOEFL etc. Rupak is committed to reading advocacy. Through his friendly, informal and interactive manner of conduct, he wishes to baptize as many people as he can, to reading and faster reading. In the technology-dominated 21st centur= y, where reading is being rapidly replaced with scrolling, Rupak’s effort at reinstating reading habit among youth is commendable.

 Why Reservaa?
We represent every trainer and speaker after due verification of their credentials. We do not spam your inbox once you enroll for training. We provide all the pre and post training support once you enroll for the training. Reservaa is an organization managed by professionals with rich experience in different functions - Finance, IT, Human Resource, L and D etc.

Training location:
Hotel Suba Galaxy, Near Hub Town,
Off Western Express Highway,
Vijay Nagar, Andheri East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 069

Date and time:20th March= 2016 /10:00 am till 6:00 pm

No. of seats:25

To book, please login to

 For corporate and bulk booking, special training sessions, please get in touch with us.
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